My name is Raquel and welcome to my blog! I’m over age 50, but people often tell me I look younger. I attribute that to good skincare, good genes, and eating a plant-based diet. My focus is helping all women to live agelessly and remain youthful. Hence the name of this blog: Ageless Living Always.


Women of color suffer from a myriad of conditions: high cholesterol, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, obesity…the list goes on and on. Research shows that we can cure many of these conditions by changing our diets, hence plant-based eating. My doctor actually suggested this to me in August 2019 and I’ve been eating this way ever since. I don’t eat meat or meat products and I feel great. I focus on fruits, veggies, and make every attempt to refrain from processed foods. I’ll admit, I have oil occasionally, but that’s MY choice. I will share my journey here as well as great recipes and helpful tips.

With regard to fashion, there was a time I could wear anything and make it look good.  Gone are those days! I used to also spend a ton of money on labels and will admit I had a thing for St. John’s. These days, I’m more practical although I have not and will not give up my red bottoms! My concern now is choosing pieces that work together to create multiple looks at an affordable price. I’m into the capsule wardrobe and I’ll share some of my fashion ideas here.

Finally, this blog initially started as a way for me to promote my Avon business. However, as “melanated” woman who has been into makeup and skincare for over 35 years,  I know that not every product was made for us or looks good on women with darker complexions like mine. As such, a goal of this blog is to highlight AVON® products that complement us, including skin care products that actually work! My eStore link is www.youravon.com/raquelhorn.

So get ready for plant-based eating as well as fashion, skin care and makeup tips. This journey will be fun!

Continue to live agelessly,