All Fragrances are NOT the same – How to Tell the Difference

I used to believe all fragrances for women were called perfume and all fragrances for men were called cologne.  However, that is not the case. It is important to know the differences between types of fragrances because these differences determine the concentration of the scent, how long the scent will last once applied, and the overall cost.

First of all, the main determinant as to what type of scent is in a bottle is the concentration of essences. This means the percent of perfume oil diluted in alcohol and water. Perfume has the highest fragrance concentration and as a result, is the most expensive. Next is Eau de Perfume, followed by Eau de Toilette also known as toilet water. Last is Eau de Cologne, the most diluted scent of all and also the cheapest in cost. 

Have you ever wondered why some scents last all day and others have to keep being applied? Look below to see the percentage of concentration of each type of fragrance and its impact on how long the scent lasts:

Perfume (Parfum) – 20-40%, lasts 24 hrs – it’s oilier/stronger than the others; just a little goes a long way

Eau de Perfume (EDP) – 15-20%, lasts 5-8 hrs – Slightly lighter than perfume; the preferred choice of many women

Eau de Toilette (EDT) – 5-15%, lasts 3 hrs – extremely light (toilet water)

Eau de Cologne (EDC) – 2-4%, lasts 2 hrs – more like a body splash

Remember, the more diluted the scent, the lighter the fragrance and cheaper the price. Likewise, the greater the concentration, the longer the scent will last and the more expensive the cost.

With regard to perfumes, the most fragrant category, there can be huge variations in cost. While some can be just over $100, some can be outrageously expensive from several thousand dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars, to approximately a million dollars! Why so expensive? It’s because they often contain rare ingredients such as a rare flower or oil. For the life of me, I cannot imagine anyone spending that type of money for perfume!

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The top selling fragrances for men are Mesmerize and Wild Country. Both are colognes.


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Continue to live agelessly,

Avon Rep Raquel,