Take a Tour of My Avon Office!

Me…wearing a face full of Avon products!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I have finally set up my Avon office! It is a small room in the basement of my home and I love it! It’s a space that is all mine….for me and all of my Avon products, books, guides, etc. I will sit here and stamp my brochures each campaign; label my products; place my orders; open my Avon boxes to sort/bag products for customers; log in to Avon U to complete any training sessions; meet and talk about the Avon experience with potential representatives, etc.

It was not costly at all! Many of the items I used to decorate came from Dollar Tree. The photos on the wall of Avon products were printed from the internet and placed in $1 frames. The Barbies displayed on the shelves are collectibles I purchased from Avon in the early 2000s. They are still unopened in the original boxes.

I love my space!

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Continue to live agelessly,

Avon Rep Raquel, www.youravon.com/raquelhorn