It’s National Lash Day!

Hello Ageless Beauties!

Today is National Lash Day! Yes…there is such a thing! February 19th is a day to honor our lashes…both real and false. It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul. Pretty lashes make our eyes POP! They also serve a purpose…they help keep dirt and any other substances from getting into our eyes and they help to prevent infections. In a nutshell, eyelashes are important.

The best way to celebrate our lashes is with a good mascara! I love, love, love, Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara!!!

Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara - 1

I’ll be honest…despite the fact that I am an Avon Representative, I have not always been a fan of Avon’s mascaras. However, Love at 1st Lash HAS BECOME MY FAVORITE!!! It INSTANTLY makes my eyelashes look fuller, thicker, and longer! They look false…but they’re MINE….ALL MINE!!!!!!!! Take a look at me below…yes, THOSE LASHES ARE MINE…NO FALSIES!



Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara is the Avon mascara that I personally recommend. Nonetheless, there are others with which people are satisfied. See all Avon mascaras here.

Remember, eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting….don’t forget your mascara! Happy Lash Day!

Continue to live agelessly,

Avon Rep Raquel,