Sorry, My Friend, You Can’t Use My Makeup!

Hello Ageless Beauties!

Many years ago when I would be preparing to go out with friends, we regularly asked to borrow each other’s makeup. It wasn’t a big deal to say, “Can I use your mascara?” Or, “I have a lipstick you can use.” My friends and I regularly did this for each other.. That’s what friends do, right? Actually, friends shouldn’t do this AT ALL! In fact, you shouldn’t share makeup with anyone. It’s not about being selfish or not wanting to help a friend in need. It’s about keeping both of you safe. In a previous post, I discussed how sensitive and delicate the eyes are. For this reason, you should not share eye makeup. The eyes hold bacteria and when you share eye makeup, you are sharing bacteria. This can result in eye infections like pink eye and styes!

OK…so from now on, you promise not to share eye makeup. However, if a friend forgets her lipstick (or you forget yours) it’s okay to share, right? After all, who wants to go out with no color on her lips? Stop! No…you also should not share lipstick. You know those dreaded cold sores? Well, sharing lipstick could lead to you sharing this cold sore as well. Even if you or your friend seems to have perfect, cold sore-free, lips, one of you could still be carrying the virus or something words – flu, mono, etc. Yuck! I love my friends, but I don’t want their germs! And I love my friends enough not to give them mine.

Even if your friend is infection free, remember that people apply makeup differently, I am one to use makeup brushes. I never put my fingers in my makeup. However, my friend may apply hers totally different. She might put her fingers directly in the product. And hands/fingers…harbor…you guess it….BACTERIA! Now my makeup is ruined. Also, some people don’t take the same level of care as you with makeup. I have a makeup caddy where I keep my makeup and brushes and I never lay things around. I’ve seen friends apply makeup and leave their products and brushes on the edges of the sink and on top of the toilet. The toilet…ugh…more bacteria.

Eyeliner and lip liner may not be so bad. If you can sharpen it, you can make it safe for your use again by peeling away a layer to make it germ free. You can also dip the tips in alcohol to sanitize them.

And oh…those darn store testers! In a lot of department stores and other stores that sell makeup, there are testers. You know, samples of lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. so customers can test shades before making a purchase. Never…EVER…should you put those testers directly on your eyes or lips or anywhere on your face! Ew! Test it on your arm. While everyone is expected to do this, I’ve seen countless women put the makeup directly on their faces. How many women carrying viruses/bacteria have used it before you decided to test it? Also, stay away from testers that come in a jar. You can trust and believe that someone, at some point, stuck her fingers in it.

Image result for store makeup testers
This picture is from a Chicago Tribune article titled What Germs Lurk at the Makeup Counter?

As an Avon Rep, I never let customers try products directly on their faces. I have eyeshadow applicators, mascara wands, lipstick brushes, small spatulas for creams, etc.  which makes it safe for my customers to try anything. I also clean my products. A spritz of alcohol keeps my samples safe.

So remember, no sharing of products and don’t put those store testers directly on your face. Play it safe! Love your friend, and yourself, enough to say NO!

Continue to live agelessly,

Avon Rep Raquel,