Use Bronzer? Aren’t Women of Color Already Naturally Bronzed?

I’m already dark…why do I need bronzer? I’m sure many women of color may have this thought. Believe it or not, women of color should use bronzer and there are many options available for us. The purpose of bronzer is to very subtly darken one’s complexion and it should be a shade or two darker than the natural complexion. Bronzer can help to even out our skin tone and can create a nice pretty glow. It is made to enhance the skin tone. People with dark skin should choose shades like deep bronze, dark gold, or dark copper tone. It is best to apply bronzer with a brush in places where the light would normally hit your face. This is the most natural application. Apply it lightly so your face doesn’t look overdone and saturated with color. One person suggested “making three’s” with your brush on each side of your face. Begin at the top of the forehead, curving down the side of your face. The middle of the three should be in the hollows of the cheek, highlighting cheekbones and the three should end at your jawline.


The problem for many women of color with dark or deep complexions is that the bronzers often are not dark enough for us.

I just bought the Avon True Color Bronzing Pearls in Bronzed and I love it!


This product comes in two shades. Those with lighter skin tones may want to try it in Sunkissed. I simply swirl my brush over the pearls and apply, making three’s of course! FYI, your bronzer goes on after foundation and before blush.

The use of bronzer is a way to illuminate the skin and give yourself a golden, shimmery, bronzy, radiant, gorgeous glow.

Continue to live agelessly,

Avon Rep Raquel,