Flour and Sweetener…Goodbye Old, Hello New!

I haven’t used flour in a long time. For years, I’ve had white flour in my cabinet. In fact, in my 51 years on this earth, it’s all I’ve ever used. I’ve used it as a coating for fried food and baked cookies, cakes, and biscuits, etc. Today, I saw a few recipes in an online plant-based Facebook group that I frequent. I realized that I needed to free myself from the white flour in my kitchen cabinet and use whole grain (unprocessed) flour to stick to this way of eating. I decided on oat flour, a whole grain flour made from oats that is gluten free. It is lower in carbs than white flour and higher in fiber and protein which makes it a much healthier choice. On top of that, I absolutely love oatmeal and figured oat flour would help to reduce my high cholesterol. I decided to make my own. I grabbed a box of oatmeal and my food processor and I got to work. I poured oats into the processor and pulverized it. Within minutes, I had homemade oat flour.


Oat flour is relatively cheap to purchase in stores, but I paid nothing for mine (other than the cost of oatmeal that I already had) and it literally took about five minutes. I stored some in an airtight container, but it’s so easy that I can quickly make it fresh whenever I need to do so.


Now it was on to sweetener. I gave up white sugar long ago, but now I also had to say farewell to another kitchen friend…Splenda. Oh, the pain I felt parting with Splenda! I have baked with it for years and put packets in my coffee and tea. However, Splenda is processed and that doesn’t work with plant-based eating. I know that the ideal thing would be to go with no sugar at all, but admittedly, I am not there yet. I need my sweetness! Yet, I had to make a better choice in sweetener. I chose Stevia, a sugar substitute and sweetener that comes from the leaves of the stevia plant and has no calories. I purchased Stevia packets for use in beverages and I also purchased it in powder form for cooking.


In addition to Stevia, I bought maple syrup to sweeten. This is safe because it comes from the sap of maple trees and is one of the least processed sweeteners. I chose organic because it is chemical and pesticide free.

As you can see, cooking and baking (and eating!) are a part of a plant-based diet. We just make healthier choices in food products. I can’t wait to sip my tea and nibble on a muffin or banana bread..with oat flour, Stevia, and maple syrup, of course!


Continue to live agelessly