Capsule Wardrobe

It has been a while since I’ve written. I’ve had a lot of things on which I needed to work….my health, my diet, my job, etc. In the interim, I’ve also been working on my wardrobe. I looked in my closet and drawers. Can you say drab? Ugh! I knew I needed to make a change. I did my research and I’ve finally taken the plunge. I am officially trying a capsule wardrobe. If you are like me, you didn’t even know such a thing existed. Some of you may be wondering what it is. A capsule wardrobe is simply a collection of essential pieces that don’t go out of style and are interchangeable to create multiple outfits. In essence, they are staple pieces that can be used over and over by changing just a few things each season. So…I’ve decided to give it a try.

I cleaned out my closet, getting rid of things that were out of style, too small, barely worn, etc. I was left with almost nothing. Then I decided to shop! I did something different this time. Previously attached to designer labels, I decided to be more practical. I went to my dear friend Amazon Prime and ordered several items at an affordable price that I now consider staples – denim jeans, skirt, jacket and shirt; a little black dress and a blazer; blouses in black, white, polka dot; pull over tops in solids and stripes; turtlenecks; solid and printed pencil skirts; black wide leg pants; camis with shelf bra; and basic tees in black and white.

The wardrobe also includes shoes and outerwear. I didn’t have to purchase shoes. I have them in black, tan/nude, animal print, etc. in a variety of styles like pumps, wedges, platform, slingback, and more.

Here’s one outfit…I can’t wait to show you others as I try out my new capsule wardrobe this month!

Raquel….agelessly living always