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I recently did a blog post on Avon's 10 top selling products. Today, I want to share my personal top 10 products: 1. Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil SSS Original Bath Oil was number nine on Avon's best selling list, but it's my number #1 Avon product. I love to take a relaxing bath in [...]

Here are my responses to the top five questions I am asked in my day-to-day dealings with customers and on my Avon Facebook page:  Q. Are you really 50? You don't look it. I am flattered, but yes, I am 50. I was born in 1968 and will be 51 this summer. I have two [...]

Avon was founded over 130 years and has sold thousands of products over the years. But what are the best-selling products? Which are the products that customers rant and rave about? Which items keep customers coming back? I wonder if you'll be as surprised as I was not only about which products made or didn't [...]

Hello Ageless Beauties! How many times have you seen the stars at a red carpet event - at the Grammy, Oscar, or Tony Awards - and their skin is absolutely flawless? Then you go to the checkout line at the grocery store and see a feature article on the cover of a gossip magazine of [...]