Blurring makeup. That's the buzz now. But what is it? Think of a filter. No silly...not a water filter. Think of the photo filter on your phone or on social media. My daughter absolutely loves filters. The purpose of the blur filter is to make some of the details in the photo less sharp. Blurred [...]

MagiX Tint Tinted Moisturizer is here! It is sheer, tints your skin providing light coverage, provides moisturization, and blurs imperfections. Watch me try it for the first time (and other products, too). Be warned...this is a long one 😂. Get a glass of wine and enjoy!

Hello Ageless Beauties! How many times have you seen the stars at a red carpet event - at the Grammy, Oscar, or Tony Awards - and their skin is absolutely flawless? Then you go to the checkout line at the grocery store and see a feature article on the cover of a gossip magazine of [...]